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Who is Cory Van Valin?

Magic Man Van Valin

Well if you are from the Tampa Bay / Central Florida area, then you KNOW he is the best upcoming magician that will make you reconsider believing in magic!

Cory’s ability to connect with each individual in an audience truly makes it an experience remembered for many years. From his on-the-spot humor, to his mastery of his craft, Cory Van Valin’s best magic trick is bringing back that child-like love and wonder for magic that we’ve all had growing up!

Cory has handled hundreds of shows at a multitude of venues ranging from all over Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada. He is capable of pleasing crowds of all demographics at birthday parties, VIP events and everything in between.

Cory has been named Tampa Bay’s Top Up & Coming Magician by 93.3 flz, and has performed for many celebrities and well known companies in the 5 years he’s been performing, and has even opened up for the headlining act in Las Vegas!

What types of services can we book you for?

I pride myself on my love to share magic with everybody. Whether it is a 30-45 minute magic show for children, or strolling around at your cocktail hour, or even performing on stage for your corporation’s employees.

Below is a brief description of each service.

This is a guaranteed asset to any party or event. With my mastery of casually approaching guests, and my ability to generate interest in my talent before performing, by the time attendants see what I can do they are already laughing and smiling wanting to tell everybody about this strolling magician! With many diverse parties and hours of experiences under my belt, my strolling magic is a sure-fire way to impress your guests!

Darlene W. on June 27, 2016
Magic Man Van Valin is more than a magician! He is a skilled entertainer. Our party guests loved him & we were thrilled with his performance. He worked my 60th birthday party as a strolling magician, mingled around the room amazing small groups with his tricks, illusions, jokes and friendly professional demeanor. He was a tremendous source of enjoyment for all ages. I highly recommend Magic Man Van Valin! Thank you, Gigsalad for helping us find the right entertainment for our party!
cory van valin

The benefits of hiring entertainment for your corporate meetings are crucial! Aside the gratitude that your employees will feel being greeted with entertainment to their work party or meeting, Magician’s have the ability to create a fun laughable and a mind-opening atmosphere, which is surely to liven up the event! My 45 & 60 minute corporate magic show is full of audience participation, good clean humor, and powerful displays of magic and presentation.

Pam M. on December 10, 2015
We had a Casino Holiday Gala at our home for approximately 180 guests on December 5th. There were a lot of people to entertain but everyone I asked said they had been dazzled by our amazing magician. Not only had they been entertained, but wowed! Everyone said they tried to see and spot how he was doing his tricks, but couldn't figure it out. It apparently was "magic". Not only was the magic great, but his personality was very entertaining. I would highly recommend him for any event and would use him again should the occasion arise.
cory van valin

Want to spark interest at your trade show booth and generate more sales? With my ice-breaking skills, and my ability to maintain attention for an extended amount of time, I will not only generate a constant flow of traffic to your booth, which will result in more leads. I will work closely with your sales team to have a customized magic presentation which feature your company’s message and branding.

Noah D. on July 31, 2012
I hired Magic Man Van Valin for the open house for my business. There were over 100 guests in attendance and I had various forms of entertainment. The room where Cory performed his card tricks was packed with observers, mesmerized by his magic, and he was the talk of the entire party. I highly recommend Magic Man Van Valin for parties, social events, etc. Very entertaining!!
cory van valin

Children have an initiate love for magic, everything is magic to them! What my magic performance for children ignites is a belief in themselves that they too, can achieve the impossible. I believe it is important to never lose that child sense of wonder and these values are reflected in my style of work. I strive to be an positive role model in children's lives because that is what I want to give back!

Angela H. on December 15, 2014
My son's 13th birthday was treated with the awesome talents of Magic Man Van Valin!! He related to the young and the young at heart and we were all WOWED!!! Magic Van is such an asset to the "Magic World" and my entire family and friends in attendance are honored to commend him - and commend him highly - we do!!!
Hired as: Children's Party Magician
cory van valin

What to expect when hiring Cory

A boost in excitement and energy from his close up entertainment

Talk amongst attendants about their personal mind-blowing experience with Cory

A lasting memory and a sense of appreciation from guests for the special entertainment you hired specifically for them.

And much more!

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